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Hospital Sanitation Project Completed

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

One of the strategic plans of CMB is sanitation improvement of its environment. For such, we have been involved in changing the washroom facilities for the inpatients from outdoor latrines to indoor washrooms. The challenges of this project have been to educate the patients on the use of those washrooms and to generate funds to see its completion. Many who visit the hospital do not have this commodity in their own homes; and the leadership of the hospital was challenged to design an approach that will make this a success.

Thus, at the end of the year 2017, Mr. R. Noel, a member of the Board of Directors, suggested that we progressively phase in this change, equipping each hospital room with indoor plumbing and at the same time educate the patients of their use. Teaching videos were developed and are broadcasted for the patients and their relatives using audio-visual equipment that were donated for educational purposes at CMB. Support staff were hired for the daily maintenance of the washrooms and to ensure that potential users make good use of them. To date, this project is 100% complete and no damage has been recorded. The patients are proudly adapting to this new comfort; and this brings a cleaner environment to the hospital.

CMB wants to thank everyone who has made this project possible with their innovative ideas and generous donations and contributions. We are happy to announce, as of 2019, all six of the multioccupancy inpatient rooms now have complete bathrooms.


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