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Projects at CMB

Projects at Centre Médical Béraca are exciting ways in which our team and facility continue to grow and adapt for the community around us.  It is with our dedicated staff, valued partners, and faith in Christ that our team has seen important change and development across many areas.

As CMB seeks continued advancement, short and long-term challenges exist that we are dedicated to overcoming. Difficulties such as limited space, equipment gaps, lack of oxygen, and nighttime electricity are daily concerns. Additionally, growing our trained staff, capital expansion projects, and the introduction of new medical programs are initiatives we hope to complete for the health and sustainability of both our facility and the greater community.

Read more below, or visit the CMB Blog for details on our past successes and new goals.

nouvelle construction en gros plan.JPG

CMB is on the move! 




New Project: Expansion of Outpatient Clinic

In the past few years, we’ve seen quite an increase in the demand for both inpatient and outpatient services at Beraca Medical Center. Due to space constraints, antenatal care and pediatrics take turns sharing a clinic. To accommodate our growth and provide better access to our patients, it was decided several years ago to expand the adult outpatient clinic. The construction project was delayed because of the civil unrest and COVID-19.

Now that the pandemic has subsided in Haiti, we have decided to start the construction this month. Over time, CMB has saved forty percent of the estimated cost of the project. We invite you to partner with us in this effort

Our story is one of constant growth. From our very humble beginnings under a palm thatched arbor on the mission property to the mud building and now to modern wards, we are always working to advance our services, technology and education.


Give to a CMB Project

You can help transform the lives of Haitian families and the care they receive by donating today. Every penny helps in our mission to restore physical and spiritual health to the Northwest.

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