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Our Work

Centre Médical Béraca is the only private, 24/7 facility in Northwest Haiti, serving a population of over 700,000.  With about 290 employees, including 16 physicians, 72 nurses, 35 auxiliaries, 24 community health workers,15 lab technicians, 2 pharmacists, 1 psychologist, 1midwife, 2 social workers and other administrative personnel, we treat an average of 250 patients per day. Our primary services include Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, and Pediatrics. In addition to these programs, an extensive public health and preventative medical program is provided through government assistance. 

Our Work

Internal Medicine

With 2000 consultations each month, Internal Medicine is the largest service unit at CMB and continues to see growth. In the last year, an internist was hired to lead the unit and mentor the general practitioners. 

Today, CMB’s Internal Medicine seeks volunteer specialists to provide additional education and oversight in areas such as cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology and diabetes. If you or your organization would like to get involved, email us.


Led by Dr. Andremene Vilton, pediatrics provides curative and preventative care to over 1000 children each month. Our team provides necessary vaccinations and care for children with malnutrition, tuberculosis, AIDS, pneumonia, diarrhea, sepsis, anemia, epilepsy, cutaneous infection, kidney disease and more. 

General Surgery

The CMB surgical unit began in the early 1970s with U.S. surgeons visiting for weeks at a time to perform necessary operations on pre-selected patients. A general surgery department was then formally established in 1982 with the help of full-time missionaries. Led today by Dr. Mozart Cherubin, CMB's surgical department is staffed by 5 nurse anesthetists and 11 scrub nurses. Our operating room is one of very few to provide regular surgical care in the Northwest region.

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Archelus, our orthopedic surgeon, joined the staff in September of 2023. This new department is a welcomed addition and provides not only trauma care but also basic plastic surgery and non surgical orthopedic treatments. It is our hope a physical therapist and other physicians can soon be a part of this team.


Obstetrics-Gynecology at CMB is the only center in the Northwest to provide 24/7 obstetrical care, including C-sections when required. Led by Dr. Oles Dorcely, our team provides ultrasounds, cervical cancer screenings, breast cancer screenings, and family planning services.  

Public Health Program

Starting in 2004, with the financial support of USAID, Centre Médical Béraca has introduced regular public health initiatives at our facility and in our community to advance quality health for the Haitian people. Individuals have access to information on clean drinking water, HIV prevention, and tuberculosis symptoms. Preventive care such as education, immunization of 100% of local women and children, HIV testing, pregnancy care, and administration of nutritional supplements are freely extended to the poor.


These initiatives continue to have positive impact in Northwest Haiti as we see a decrease in maternal death, measles, diphtheria, neonatal tetanus, and malnutrition. 

The CMB laboratory service has undergone tremendous technological progress over the last several years. Prior to recent advancements, patient travel to Port-au-Prince was required to obtain tests. Today, CMB is able to provide many tests including PSA, BHCG, Alphafetoprotein, T4, FSH, TSH, prolactin, and confirmation of sickle anemia. 

As a Christian, not-for-profit hospital, CMB provides chaplain services with the help of two chaplains. It is both our mission and our joy to provide encouragement to our patients and to offer the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who enter our doors. By faithfully announcing the Word, the Lord is using this ministry to bring more and more hearts to Him.

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