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CASS Opens

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

On Saturday October 13th about 50 guests, CMB staff, city officials, and prominent citizens, gathered in the recently completed Centre d’Apprentissage Serleus Simon (CASS) for the building’s dedication ceremony. Special guests included Margarette and Jude Simon, wife and son of the late Pastor Serléus Simon whose name the building bears. He was a passionate about education; and one of his biggest dreams was for Centre Médical Beraca to become an Education Center.

The president of UEBH and the chairman of the hospital board were also in attendance.

The Centre d’Apprentissage Serleus Simon offers high speed internet for virtual library connection and teleconferencing. It marks a significant expansion of CMB.

In addition to facilitating access to information, this room will be used for education by Simulation, allowing learners to learn and practice their skills on mannequins.

This multi-function learning facility cost over 50,000 USD and is still in need of additional teaching equipment including computers, screens and mannequins.

CASS could not have been completed without the support of all our donors and friends. For that we are deeply thankful.


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