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New X-ray: a story of brilliance

Before beginning with this story, we give glory to God, honor to Christ, and thanks to all our partners who made this project possible.

CMB x-ray
The old x-ray room and Kodak film x-ray machine

For many years, CMB had used an old Kodak film X-Ray machine which has become obsolete and likely unsafe as its monitoring parameters were deteriorating and the amount of X-Ray emitted could not be measured accurately. But with the pursuit of excellence to provide good and safe care to our patients, CMB with the help of her friends and partners, has successfully upgraded to a digital X-Ray machine. The picture which once came out of the dark room is now shown in the light with comfort and safety for both the patients and the workers. Furthermore, the images can be viewed instantly at a distant site in the hospital by the physician who orders them, and this improves the speed of the delivery of care to our patients.

CMB's new x-ray room and digital x-ray machine
CMB's new x-ray room and digital x-ray machine

CMB is the first in theNorthwest region of Haiti to have this advanced technology and is pleased to be able to serve the whole community with such quality of care. It is our hope to see this service expand one day to include ultrasound and eventually even CT scan. With education being one of our priorities, we also hope to have a teaching component from the experts in this field which would benefit the staff and the students of our region.

CMB is very thankful to the donors of this equipment and to all who made this project a success from its purchase, transport, installation, teaching of the technicians, its safe keeping and beyond... We look forward to seeing many patients benefit from this service for years to come; and we trust that the love of God in Christ Jesus continues to shine through all the workers to the patients with compassion and caring.


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