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X-ray replacement project

Centre Médical Béraca is partnering with Samaritan's Purse on our X-Ray replacement project. CMB has been utilizing the same X-ray machine since the 1980s and processing patient X-rays with film!

In an effort to replace our outdated equipment, reduce potential gaps in care, and improve current inefficiencies, Samaritan's Purse is assisting with the selecting, sourcing, and ordering of new digital X-ray equipment.

x-ray table at CMB Haiti
CMB's current X-ray table

Planned installation and training are set for October 2018, when visiting specialists will insure a smooth transition, helping to set up equipment and make necessary IT upgrades.

We are very excited to carry out the completion of this much needed upgrade and extend our gratitude to all our partners who are helping to make it possible. Stay tuned to learn about the installation phase of this exciting endeavor!

Forward Thinking

Other equipment additions CMB will look to make in the future include: a portable X-ray machine to reach patients throughout our facility and a C-Arm to be used during orthopedic surgeries.


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