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The Story of the Vidama Triplets

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Djoulie and Wedner Vidama were not too shocked to learn they were having triplets: Djoulie comes from a family of multiple births. Both of her parents are twins themselves, and a cousin of hers had not only triplets but also quadruplets. So when she came in for her first visit and the routine ultrasound revealed she was carrying triplets, the news came to her as no surprise.

Multiple pregnancies are high risk in that the mother may develop anemia and gestational high blood pressure and diabetes, may deliver prematurely, or worst miscarry. Following that first visit, Djoulie was seen by Dr. Dorcely every month and then every other week in order that she and the babies could be closely monitored. Then, in her thirty-eight week, she was admitted to the hospital. The incessant low back pain and rhythmic pelvic pain gave way to labor. Tests were run and the positions of the babies were determined. The first baby was breech and the other two were transverse. Given all these facts, it was time to deliver!

On the night of July 29thfrom 11:04-11:08, Djoulie gave birth to three beautiful babies, two boys and one girl. The fraternal triplets, who were conceived naturally, were delivered as planned by Caesarian section at Centre Medical Beraca. Statistically, the majority of triplets are born before 34 weeks of gestation, but Wed-Berly, Wed-Berley, Wed-Berlensha defied all the odds. All three babies, each in a different sac, were born big and healthy. Berly weighed 4.72 lbs, Berley weighed 4.63 lbs, and Berlensha weighed 3.02 lbs. Three days after the birth, being ready to go home, their pastor came to pick them up from the hospital.

Djoulie and Wedner already have a six-year-old daughter. Going from one child to four means many big lifestyle changes for the young, newlywed couple. Djoulie is a teacher and Wedner an electrical technician and plumber. Before having had the triplets, she worked full time at a school downtown, and he took night classes at a local college. There have been quite a few difficulties but they are managing with the support of their family and friends. The babies are officially one month old and are growing and doing well.

Centre Medical Beraca plays a very important role in the Northwest region considering that it is the one of the few referral hospitals in the whole state. For expectant mothers, our maternity center is a safe haven with its safe, clean space and a skilled staff that holds Christian values. From conception to pregnancy to after birth, CMB helps every step of the way by providing prenatal care including ultrasound, competent obstetricians who are available at all times, safe C-sections when needed, and a pediatrician with many years of experience.

We thank God for the safety of the Vidamas and that of the other patients. This is the second set of triplets that we have delivered at CMB. Six years ago a set of quadruplets was also born here. We ask that you continue to pray for the maternity staff, as they’ve entered the busiest season and will be working very long hours on a regular basis. Also, please consider making a donation as it is your financial contribution that allows us to care for families like the Vidamas.


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