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Having Triplets After Twins

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

In the afternoon of October 31st, the Fleurinord triplets were born. Matialie and Olinès welcomed three little girls, two of whom are identical twins. Leïssa weighed 4 lbs, Neïssa weighed 4lbs 3 oz., and Laïssa weighed 4lbs 7 oz.

Matialie and her husband already have twins who recently turned two and four other children under the age of sixteen. Matialie is a street vendor and her husband Olinès a farmer.

Early in the third trimester, Matialie was put on bed rest because she was anemic. She was referred to Centre Medical Béraca from a clinic in Passe Catabois, an hour and a half away. On doctor’s advice, she had to find somewhere closer to stay in town as her due date approached and the medical checkups became more frequent.

She had to move in with relatives, doubling her cost of living, nor was she allowed to cook, take care of her children, or go to market. She was excessively tired and constantly felt lightheaded. When she came for a routine appointment on October 29th, her blood pressure had spiked and the first baby was in a transverse lie position. She was admitted and advised to have a blood transfusion and be delivered by a Cesarean section.

Thankfully, she received the blood transfusion with no great delay and had the surgery. The babies and mom are doing well. They are the hospital’s fourth set of triplets. We are grateful that it was an overall positive birth experience for the Fleurinords.

The whole cost for the delivery and their week-long stay at the hospital was covered by the Poor Fund. We thank God and our generous donors who have designated gifts to the CMB Poor Fund to help fill the gap for families like the Fleurinords.


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