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6 years in making: maternity ward opens!

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

At Centre Médical Béraca we’re excited to announce the grand opening of our brand new maternity ward! It was in great faith and prayer that CMB set out to complete this much needed project and we are thankful to our partners in Christ who helped make it happen.

CMB Haiti Maternity Ward grand opening
CMB Maternity Ward grand opening

What began as an idea in 2012 to meet the needs of increasing deliveries and decreasing space, progressed to construction plans, and CMB broke ground in July 2016 for a new maternity building with UEBH, our parent organization.

CMB Haiti's maternity ward building progress
The foundation begins to take shape of CMB's new maternity ward

In March 2018, CMB gathered with patients, friends, community, and staff to celebrate the completion and grand opening of our new facility. The day was full of joy and praise for God’s work being done and for this great advancement at CMB.

As the only hospital to provide 24/7 obstetrical care, CMB plays a very critical role in the lives of women and newborns in the Northwest region. It is because CMB has developed a reputation of excellent care and compassionate services, that women and their families journey from all over, often beginning on foot or on the back of a donkey. Many will travel through rivers and mountains until they reach a road where rides on motorcycles and “tap-taps” are available. Even so, approximately 75% of women in our region do not receive care from a trained caregiver during their pregnancy.

CMB Haiti's old delivery room
CMB's old delivery room

Originally, CMB had only five beds dedicated to post-delivery. Five more beds were added in 2016 to accommodate a significant increase in deliveries, and as these numbers continued to grow, mothers and newborns crowded closer to patients with serious illnesses and additional maternity beds were set up in hallways.

As CMB continues to witness higher delivery numbers (125 per month), we are thrilled to now provide new, improved space and better comfort to all expectant mothers and their families. Praise be to God!


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