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CASS: an education training center

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

CMB is the largest hospital in Northwest Haiti and it is our calling to continue education of our staff and of students in nursing, laboratory and medical schools who come to CMB for training. Currently, CMB does not have a dedicated space for teaching and conferences and the need of a dedicated space for learning is becoming more apparent.

The new education center will be equipped with simulation training, a virtual teaching library and conference access, and the ability for telecommunication with long-distance industry professionals. Our hope will be to provide a space for education that will be multi-disciplinary and available to other studies such as theological seminars.

Early-stage construction of CASS begins

CMB has named the new pavilion Centre d’Apprentissage Serleus Simon (CASS), in memory of the late Reverend Serleus Simon. Reverend Simon was a leader and dreamer, a strong proponent of continuing education, and formerly served as president of the Union Évangélique Baptiste d’Haiti (UEBH).

In order to complete construction and fulfill equipment needs and teaching materials, CMB seeks to raise a total of 75,000 USD. With 30% of these funds having already been met, we thoughtfully make steps towards much needed growth and lean on our contributors who help us to bring about critical advancements.

Please consider donating today to help CMB achieve education and training goals. We are grateful to all those who support our major initiatives and partner with us in Christ to do great things for the people of Haiti.


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