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Physician Q&A with Dr. Dorcely

We interviewed Dr. Dorcely who is the lead for the obstetrics-gynecology department at CMB, to learn about his experience at CMB and his participation in the CMB scholarship program. He has served at CMB for 13 years after completing medical school in Port-au-Prince. Originally from the island of La Tortue, Dr. Dorcely currently lives in La Pointe with his wife and two children.

Why did you choose to practice medicine at CMB?

Several reasons. I do not like big cities, so the Northwest region of Haiti with a rural population of 800,000 seems to be a good fit. There is also a great need with only 3 obstetricians for the whole region. And, as a Christian, my choice is to serve the Lord in a Christian institution.

What does the CMB scholarship mean to you?

CMB, with its vision to improve quality of care, supports staff who choose to go for further training and to return to practice in the region. This was the case for me in obstetrics-gynecology, Dr. Ductan in general surgery, and Ms. Sophonie, nurse anesthetist, all of whom are now working at CMB. The scholarship has enabled further training to make needed services available at CMB. It provides an opportunity for young people like me to become specialists in this country.

How did you choose to study and practice obstetrics-gynecology?

Like all children in Haiti, entering university is the responsibility of the parents. My parents had to pay for me to go to medical school in the capital, Port-au-Prince. I then worked for 5 years as a general practitioner at CMB, before signing a contract as a CMB scholarship holder to do a residency in Ob-Gyn.

What is your biggest challenge working at CMB?

Working in a facility that receives most of the patients with obstetric and gynecologic problems in the northwest department is a titanic job. The number of doctors to receive them is insufficient. The other challenge is to be always up to date and to offer quality care.

What is your favorite part about working at CMB?

Working and giving the gospel to the people is a great privilege.

Do you have any advice for other students looking for a career at CMB?

Being a doctor in a country where people have less than $1 a day is like a priesthood. Money as the main satisfaction can lead one to discouragement and frustration. There is greater reward in serving the Lord and giving service to others.

Want to get involved in the sustainability of CMB's scholarship program? You can help CMB invest in future physicians and Christian doctors who wish to advance their training in specialties needed at CMB.  Consider contributing to this vital program by donating today.

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