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Raising Dry Bones

John is a 20 year old Christian young man. A soccer enthusiast, he had always dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player, until about two years ago, when he started getting sick. He used to live with his aunt in Port-au-Prince but moved back to Port-de-Paix last year when his symptoms started becoming more serious. He was weak and was losing weight considerably. Abscesses on his spine would come and go and his back pain intensified by the day.

At first, his dad refused to take him to the hospital believing his sickness was evidence of a curse. John finally convinced him to allow him to receive medical care at a hospital. Soon after getting to that hospital, their resources ran out. This meant no wound care for days, interrupted antibiotic treatment, and mild starvation. He would be left unattended while his dad would go try finding a job for a day.

One day a pastor from his neighborhood was conducting a visit at the hospital where John was, discovered him and promised to help him. After crowdfunding, it was decided to bring him to CMB for better care. John, stiff and unable to walk, was then transported lying down in the back of a car to our emergency room. Members from the pastor’s church took turns staying with him at the hospital so his dad could go find work.

John was diagnosed with tuberculosis and upon initiation of such treatment showed significant improvement. Tuberculosis, considered one of the worldwide leading causes of death, is quite prevalent in Haiti. Though tuberculosis treatment services are freely provided via government assistance at CMB, other factors like financial and food security could have negatively impacted John’s outcome. We thank God for supporters who contribute to the Poor Fund to guarantee patients like John can continue to receive proper care regardless of financial status.

John is living proof that God literally makes dry bones come alive. He is moving forward with his treatment plan and plans to go back to school when he has fully recovered.

"I love this hospital because the doctors always check up on their patients."

He recalls being hopeless and helpless before God sent that pastor to find him. He remembers desperately praying to God to show him His mercy and grace because he felt so miserable lying on that hospital bed naked, hungry, alone, and forgotten.

“To be able to walk again on my own and be outside is a miracle from God and I want to tell the world about what he has done for me,” John says, with tears welling in his eyes.


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